R for Rabbit - 14 Inch Bicycle For Kids - 3 Years Baby Cycle


R For Rabbit - 14 Inch Bicycles For Kids

Want to give your child one of the best gifts in the world? Then buy them an R for Rabbit bicycle! Getting a cycle for your child can make great memories in their childhood. An R for Rabbit 14-inch cycle is the perfect bicycle for 3- to 5-year-old. With sleek designs and smart plug & play options, these 14-inch bicycles are ideal for enjoying the outdoors.

At R for Rabbit, a bicycle for a 5-year-old comes fully loaded with features such as a rust-free magnesium alloy structure, complete safety features, disc brakes, and adjustable handles picture-perfect for children and parents alike. We have a variety of 14-inch bicycles for both boys and girls.

R For Rabbit - Best 14-Inch Cycles For Children

R for Rabbit offers safe and designer cycles for children, including both a cycle for a 3 years kid and a bicycle for a 5-year-old child. These bicycles come in vibrant colours and frame designs, ensuring children love them. They are easy to ride and install with the advanced feature, making them hassle-free for parents.

These bicycles have features like a robust alloy structure, disc brake, adjustable seat, wide rubber wheels, and training wheels, making them one of the best bicycles to buy for your kid in 2023. With utmost care, R For Rabbit cycles prioritises safety and makes ride time enjoyable for children of all ages.

Choose The Best 14 Inch Cycle For A 3-Year-Old Kid!

With multiple options of 14-inch bicycles for girls and boys available on our website, we at R for Rabbit offer kid cycles in vibrant colours and strong frames. Installation of our bikes can now be done in merely 3 minutes, making it a hassle-free and quick process for parents like you.

Key Features Of Our Cycles Include:

  • All safety features, including a chain guard, training wheels, disc brakes, and safety grip
  • Non-corrosive and rust-free magnesium alloy structure
  • Adjustable seat and front handle height
  • Wide 2.5 rubber wheels for a strong grip


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