R for Rabbit Premium Silicone Feeding Bottle


Silicone Feeding Bottles For Babies

A feeding bottle is one of the top baby care products on every new mom’s buying list. Earlier, moms used to rely on the silver feeding bottle for babies since it was considered to inhibit bacterial growth, which kept the milk fresh for longer. These silver feeding bottles were a great option, but not everyone could afford to buy them. This is when the need for plastic and steel feeding bottles was felt.

Plastic feeding bottles became popular quickly, but there were concerns about their inertness and effect on milk quality. If you are a doting mother and want to avoid regular plastic feeding bottles, do not worry; we are here to help you with our best-in-class silicone baby bottles.

Our feeding bottle range at R for Rabbit is made of the best quality silicone material, which has been proven to be excellent to regular plastic bottles. You may even opt for our innovative silicone baby feeding bottle with a spoon, which helps in seamlessly transitioning to solid food.

Best Silicone Feeding Bottles For New Born

Our silicone bottles are carefully designed to imitate the breast shape so that the little mouths can quickly develop a grip and suck without extra effort. The silicone used is food-grade and free of phthalates and BPA, making it the best choice for storing and feeding milk, juices, water, and more.

We have taken care of the bottle design as well so that you can clean and sterilize it properly with ease. Dual air vents ensure that your tiny tots take in no air during the feeding process, keeping issues like acidity and colic at bay.

The appropriate design and material of the First Feed silicone feeding bottle reduce the bottle rejection ratio considerably, which means your baby will love feeding with the bottle since he will get uninterrupted feeding with the least effort.

See your child grow and be healthy with R for Rabbit silicone bottles. If you wish to avoid paying pure silver feeding bottle price but want a product that renders a better feeding experience than the silver bottles, our silicone bottles are all you need to invest in.

Uniquely Designed Silicone Feeding Bottles Offered Online by R for Rabbit

We have designed our bottles with utmost care and love, which is interpreted in our unique and impressive bottle designs and features. Thousands of new mommies absolutely love these bottles since they make the hectic and crucial feeding task easy and cozy for both child and mother. There are not any latching problems or colic issues, which keeps mothers content, and they bond with their munchkins better during feeding time.

The bestselling First Feed silicone bottle is leak-proof, with the material being premium and heat resistant so that whenever you pour in hot milk, you do not have to worry about any compromise with milk composition. The bottle body and nipple are super soft, making sucking effortless.

If your munchkin is all set to explore new solid foods, but you want the process to be smooth, choose a BPA-free First Feed Soft Silicone Teat where you can easily and quickly feed the child. When you squeeze the silicone body, an appropriate quantity will be consolidated, which your baby can relish.

Choosing the Best Design, Safety Features, and Precise Size of Silicone Feeding Bottles

No more worries about paying the high silver feeding bottle price since you get better features and feeding experience with R for Rabbit’s silicone bottles. We have taken care of all necessary safety features like no-leak design and air vents to reduce air intake so your baby never gets colicky.

If you want a feeding bottle for your newborn, opt for the 160 ml size bottle since it is ideal for a single feed, and you can clean it after every feeding session. Make sure you invest in the right-sized bottle since, as your child grows, he may feed less frequently but want more quantity. Buy a silicone bottle that meets your baby’s feeding needs and have a fantastic motherhood journey with a happy child.


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