5 Things Baby Loves In Womb: Explore the Fascinating World

A Glimpse into Prenatal Bliss: 5 Things Baby Loves In Womb

25 Aug 2022
A Glimpse into Prenatal Bliss: 5 Things Baby Loves In Womb


After pregnancy is announced by a mom-to-be, she gets lots and lots of advice on what to eat and what not. Even the mother is confused about what to do and how to keep the baby inside her womb with taking care. They are confused about what does the baby like when he/she is in the womb. Here are the 5 things which a growing baby loves inside.

1. His/Her Mom’s Voice

Did you ever notice when the baby is disturbed, he/gets cranky then they are easily calmed by her voice? Also when a mother plays with the baby he/she laughs and smiles with her. This is because once the ears of a baby develop they are habitual to the mother’s voice. So talk to your baby and sing a song for him/her to make the bond more special with your baby.

2. Baby loves soft music

Whenever the baby in the womb listens to soft music it is said that Serotonin “Happiness Harmon” is released which is good for the baby. So play your favorite music at a mild volume and sing along with it, it will make the baby feel happier. Do not put headphones around the belly, they can listen to the voice through your ears too.

3. Belly Massage

Mothers usually apply massage oil on the belly to dodge the stretch marks but while she does an oil massage for the belly she is making the baby happy too. Baby loves the belly massage and it will give stimulation to your baby. Make sure you do not exert too much pressure while doing massage.

4. Keep your mood happy

Mothers usually get stressed during pregnancy a lot of times. There could be multiple reasons that make them unhappy or low. Try to manage the stress as more stress will affect the baby as the baby can sense your happiness and sadness too. So try to keep yourself in happy mode and it will help your baby to grow nicely inside your womb.

5. Eat delicious food

The food cravings you get are not just for you, it’s for the little one too! You might have seen many times that after you finish eating your baby would have moved. So, don’t hold yourself back, just enjoy the delicious food for your cravings as your baby loves that too.

What are all things a baby learns in the womb?

Some experts say that your baby will most likely be able to remember some of the sounds and tastes from the womb after their birth. When the second trimester ends, your baby starts to listen to the voices. While the baby’s main soundtrack is the mother’s heartbeat, breathing, voice, pumping of blood, and gurgles of digestion. Baby learns to recognize the voice of mom at first and they also respond to the music which they listen to in the womb.