Speaking from Heart by first time Father

07 Apr 2014
It was a great moment when I got to know that my wife delivered baby girl before almost 2 years. Unlike other countries being in India its always a surprise till last moment who is going to join your Family. The good part is that 9 months of suspense is very exciting and bad part is that you cannot do any prior preparation for your new born like shopping of Nursery Items, Clothes and Baby Furniture. But I personally like those 9 months of suspense.
As it was my first child I was prepared that I am going to have new experiences. But it started immediately. If its your first child and if you are living in Joint Family be prepared to have great experiences and differences of your opinion with Family members and Wife asap. Traditionally new born baby are swaddled in tight cloth after the bath and massage. In India its very common that maid is hired asap for massage of new born baby and she swaddles new born very tightly with cotton cloth. I was against that as its sometime very harsh.
I started reading about that on Internet and same to know about new thing about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). I got more worried and asked my wife not to do that. But as you are living in joint family its very difficult to convince your Elders as they argue with you that they were doing same thing and nothing happened to me. You fight with your own emotions at that time. But I started to search for Swadle designed by Expert which can prevent SIDS. It was tough time for me as I was not able to find it. After searching for almost 10 days I found one in one shop in Ahmedabad. I learned at that time the value of Quality for Baby products and need of scientific design for product like Swaddle. I had to struggle to convince my wife to not to use Cradle (Ghodiyu/Parnu) which is generally used in Gujarat to make new born baby sleep. But I was not able to do it.
My new born daughter was not able to sleep for long hours and my wife because of her frustration started to use cradle. It worked to make her sleep but I was aware about consequence that I was going to face. I had learned from my other family members and friends that baby gets addicted to hammock and swing motion and cannot sleep without that. Also I was aware that I am going to had serious challenges during Travel so make my Daughters sleep. I realized that journey after becoming parent is going to change.

But whatever experiences I faced in one week after the birth of my daughter but that Cute little smile on face of your Baby makes you forget everything. By: Founder (R for Rabbit Baby Product private limited)


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