Summer foods for children to escape Heat Stroke

11 Apr 2019
Summer foods for children to escape Heat Stroke-R for Rabbit

Yay exams are over and schools are about to close, for next academic year!! Its summer vacation!!! Children will get out of their homes and play!! But parents will be concerned for their children as their little one might get heat stroke while playing under the sun during summer vacation. Well, take it easy Mummy and Papa!! We will show you cool ways in which your children can escape from heat stroke and it is applicable to all ages. We all know the only mantra for summer is to stay hydrated!
So, why not make this summer Fun time! Family time! Fresh food time! Here we will help you explore amazing benefits of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals and will also guard you against heat stroke. Let’s do sneak peak of colourful fruits and veggies and come up with great idea of how we can use them and tame the sun. let’s get started!

Make this tangy drink by squeezing fresh lemons and adding different masalas like salt, pepper, sugar and mint. Instead of sugar, a healthy option is sakar or honey, if it suits your child’s taste buds. This healthy drink is rich in Vitamin C and good for digestion too.
Watermelon Juice

Making this super yummy juice is so easy! All you need is freshly cut watermelon without seeds. This fruit is naturally sweet in taste so no need to add sugar. You can also add flavours of mint and lime for the twist in taste. Smash the heat waves with this Vitamin B complex rich fruit and 92% water content.

Tomato gravy is the foundation of every subzi or dal we cook! It can also be given raw as salad or as soup to your kiddie. They are rich in Lycopene, Potassium, Folate, Vitamin K1 and Vitamin C. Do you know tomatoes pulp act as natural sunscreen to your skin!

The refreshing taste of cucumber will make your child go gaga! This fruit is high in water level content so it can keep your child hydrated in sun. Use Cucumber infused water for your child to increase water consumption. This fruit is rich in Vitamin K and has natural electrolytes.

Coconut Water

Children go nuts over coconut water! Let your child sip in Coconut water as much as possible, as it has myriad of health benefits like it has minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium.


It is a tradition to drink buttermilk after your meal! So just stick to that tradition! It is a great coolant and has many benefits to count, like it is good source of Vitamin B12, helps fight acidity and ulcer and increases your digestion process.


This vegetable makes you teary eyed, but can also make you smile by saving you from heat. So, add onions in your child’s diet by making some colourful salads which includes greens! Also, a tadka of onions can lift the taste of any subzi and dal!
Last but an important one, how about telling your child to be a giver this summer? As summer is too harsh for those who do not have place to live, so let your child give drinking water to quench their thirst which will definitely make them happy! And don’t forget to say thank you to the trees, they are the ones who cool the environment! So grow more and more trees!! Hope you got good tips to stay cool in summer from Rforrabbit so heres wishing you happy summer days!!


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