Tips To Choose Baby Strollers!!

17 Jun 2017
Tips To Choose Baby Strollers!!-R for Rabbit

Becoming a parent brings a bundle of joy but it also comes with so much responsibility. Now you need to list out the things your baby will need. If you are a first-time parent then you might feel overwhelmed to take all this decision. One of the crucial decision is to choose stroller.

Find out answers to following questions, which helps you to decide which stroller you should buy?

  • How much you want to spend for the stroller?
  • What is more important to you like Quality, safety, features etc.?
  • Do you want only stroller or convertible travel system?
  • Should I get used one or buy the new one?
  • What features are you looking for with stroller?

Nowadays you will find different types of strollers available in the market. Before you start exploring the stroller, decide your budget. The price varies according to the material used in the stroller. The biggest advantage of the stroller is it saves the space and get fold easily. According to price the features and quality also vary.

Generally, safety and quality are the first priority for the parents. You will find the cheaper stroller in the market which will be light weight. You need to look for the stroller who can carry the weight of your baby and doesn’t bounce. Hence, it should have proper balance and weight withstanding capacity. For any product having extra features like cup holders is the bonus but safety is always the first priority.

You might have seen stroller or pram around you which is frequently used for toddlers. There is one more product came into the market which is called travel system. The travel system includes a car base which stays in the car, an infant car seat, and a stroller frame where you can attach the infant seat.  These are great all in one system for an infant to toddler. R for Rabbit offers different styles of stroller and travel system as well.

Is a used baby stroller safe for the baby? Before you decide to get used stroller you need to check few things. Check the frame of the stroller there should be no cracks, dents or any gaps. Are there any sharp spots on the stroller frame? Are the wheels function properly? Are the axles straight? Does the brake operate properly?

Usually, stroller comes with a play tray that has cup holder as well. Many strollers offer canopy with a vinyl window as well. There is large storage basket under the seat. Some strollers offer place over handle bar to store key, cell phone or snack. Even you can adjust Handlebars according to height.

There are the number of different styles and types of strollers. You can also buy strollers which carry more than one children. It also varies according to the seating arrangement. Now vendors also offer jogging stroller.