Why Parents Should Invest in Baby Bottle Sterilizer?

Why should We buy Baby Bottle Sterilizer?

17 Aug 2018
Why should We buy Baby Bottle Sterilizer?

There is an age-old way to sterilize the baby bottle but did have you given a thought what reason gave the birth to baby bottle sterilizer? feeding Baby bottle sterilizer in India is growing trend now days.

Your mom and your mom’s mom have definitely heated up the water in vessel and put the bottle in that to sterilizer the germs which is fair enough but Electric Bottle Sterilizer is a way to kill 99.9% of germs without harming anyone.

R for Rabbit brings you Hot Bot Bottle Warmer - The Baby Bottle Steam Sterilizer  to keep your baby’s  hygiene just perfect.

Using boiled water for sterilizing may harm the baby bottle, it can deform it, or there may be chemical release if the bottle is heated at excess level. Boiling water can also harm a person if not carried properly.

Why Baby bottle steam Sterilizer?

  1. Electric baby bottle sterilizer is capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria in bottle through natural steam.
  2. You can sterilize 6 bottles in one go.
  3. These are BPA free, so there is no change of harming the baby bottle.
  4. Easy to operate with just one button start up.
  5. Takes 9 minutes to completely sterilizer the bottles
  6. In built timer for auto shutdown to stop use of access power.
  7. Baby bottles will not get deformed due to heat
  8. No maintenance required
  9. Time and energy saving
  10. Compact Design to feet easily in any corner of your kitchen.


There is ample amount of benefits in buying baby bottle steam sterilizer so buy R for Rabbit’s to keep the hygiene just perfect for your baby.