5 Tips to Improve Loss of Appetite in Babies

01 Sep 2022
5 Tips to Improve Loss of Appetite in Babies-R for Rabbit


Fussiness while eating is something all babies have in common. However, this fussiness, if stemming from a loss of appetite, could be a huge concern. After trying tons of tips and tricks, here is a compiled list of proven ways to improve your baby’s appetite.

Parents, commonly of kids in the age group 6 months to 5 years, face the issue where children refuse to eat food. Once they start eating solid foods, from age of 6 months, they are so good. They will eat almost everything they can get their hands on. But after a few weeks, the parents start complaining about how they are facing issues while feeding their kids. This is a stressful situation for parents as they face an obstacle in providing nutrients to their kids.

Refusing to eat or chewing food for a very long time is some of the most common issues faced by parents. Here are some of the ways which can help you overcome this.

1. Switch Up Your Recipes

Do not fear trying something new. Finding a perfect balance between health and flavors is difficult. Unfortunately, we always tend to compromise on the flavors to make their food healthy while forgetting that they have great taste buds as well.

Try to switch up your recipes and don’t hold off from packing all those flavors in. You will notice your kids enjoying their food and will even get proactive in trying out new flavors. After all, who can ever say no to yummy food right? The perfect example is how you give your babies a piece of chocolate and they just can’t control their excitement! You can try the same trick and give them more variety of food with different flavors and incorporate more of what they enjoy eating.

2. Bring Out Your Plating and Presentation Skills

Have you heard the saying, “You eat first with your eyes”? The same goes for our kids as well. A colorful and variety-filled plate will attract them much more than a pureed veggie bowl ever can. You can plate the same food but work on your presentation a tad bit more by adding more colorful veggies and plating in different and eye-catchy cutlery to lure them into trying out everything you serve.

Another mistake that we as parents make is feeding the same thing ever so often in the exact same way. If we can’t eat the same thing over and over again, we should understand that even they can’t. With so many recipes available online, we can always get inspired and whip up some healthy food and plate in restaurant-worthy presentations to impress the kids.

3. Narrow Down Your Child’s Favorite Dishes

Coming from a land of so many cultures and cuisine, every household has a different palette. With hundreds of recipes in our pocket, serve them as many as you can and notice what they like the most. Listing down everything your kid loves to eat and incorporating them regularly in a balanced manner will help you combat their loss of appetite. You can try to mix and max all the foods and make a wholesome meal having everything from fruits and nuts to vegetables and green leaves.

4. Stick To a Schedule

Training your body gets a lot easier when put on a schedule. Try to make a fixed schedule for all the meals throughout the day. Eventually, kids will start feeling hungry at that time and will get accustomed to eating whatever is available or what you provide them. This will make it much easier for you to feed them effortlessly.

5. Find a Savior In High Chairs

Believe me, a high chair for babies is a blessing in disguise. It can do so many wonders in helping your baby eat without fussing. Also, you can teach them how to feed themselves using it. With so many features like easy to move, fully safe, and multi-usage; a high chair will help you in ways you have no idea of.


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