Essential Baby Care Tips for Monsoon Season

Baby Care Tips During Monsoon Season

23 Jun 2021
Baby Care Tips During Monsoon Season

☔ Monsoon is here and mothers are all worried about their little baby. Babies and young children need utmost care during this season and so we are sharing very simple tips with you all to make sure your child is safe & healthy.

So here are the tips to follow

1) Keep baby dry & clean

You never know how weather changes drastically during the ☔ monsoon season. It is significant to keep baby dry & clean as weather can be humid. Humidity can amplify the growth of bacteria which can in turn cause infection in babies. So, give proper bath to your little munchkin and then dress in loose fitting clothes. Also wipe the baby frequently if baby is sweating. One important thing, keep checking for any fungal infection under arms, neck and diaper area of baby.

2) Continue to breastfeed

Breastfeeding has unparallel nutrition as well as medicine for a baby. For a baby less than 6 months, it is also important to keep baby hydrated as baby does not have any water or other liquids, so do breastfeeding often. Breast milk also improves baby’s immunity by giving antibodies from mother’s body to baby.

3) Change diapers & nappies frequently

It becomes crucial to change cloth nappies and diapers during rainy season. The extra humidity during ☔ monsoons can cause moisture to get locked majorly in the nappy region and cause rashes and infection. Therefore, ensure that the baby’s nappy region is dry by changing diapers frequently. Give baby extra air time by letting baby go diaper-free when baby is indoors.

4) Go Diaper Free

As discussed mentioned in the point above, it is very important to keep baby’s nappy region dry during the weather full of humidity. So, whenever possible, let your baby go diaper free at home. You can also use quick dry sheets to protect the mattress and other surfaces. 

5) Protect baby from mosquitoes

☔ Rainy season also brings lot of mosquitoes and it is very important to protect baby from them. Make sure that there is no stagnant water in and around your home so that mosquitoes do not breed in it. Keep baby dressed in full length covered but loose clothing. You can also use baby mosquito repellents like patches which can be applied on clothes and not directly on baby’s delicate skin.

6) Trim your baby small nails

Humid weather may lead to rashes and itching. Keep your babies nails trimmed so he/she does not harm self through itching. Bacteria can also harbor under the nails which can be harmful for baby.

7) Give boiled and cooled water, if you have started solids

Maximum infections get transferred through water into the body, so make sure you give only boiled and then cooled water to baby during ☔ monsoon season.

8) Make your toddler wash hand frequently

Toddlers often play messy games and they may put hands in mouth frequently causing germs to enter their bodies. Teach them or make them wash their hands frequently, before and after food, as soon as they come back from outdoors.