Carry Your Baby in a Hassle-Free Manner with Baby Carriers

29 Jul 2022
Carry Your Baby in a Hassle-Free Manner with Baby Carriers-R for Rabbit

Having a baby carrier can be handy when you want to carry your baby in an easier and hassle-free manner. It encourages a sense of closeness between you and your baby, too, since it lets you carry your child against your own body while allowing your hands to be free to do other things. This way, you can easily navigate crowded places, move with ease, and perform other important daily tasks while your child relaxes or sleeps on you.

 Using a baby carrier lets you practice ‘babywearing,’ which is a norm in many traditional cultures around the world. It has gained popularity in industrialized and modern cities in the past few decades due to the benefits it provides. Experts found that babywearing will not merely help calm a fussy child. It can also help promote bonding between parent and child, and reduce a parent's risk for postpartum depression. Baby carriers help achieve these benefits in a more comfortable way, especially if your baby is heavy. 

High-quality baby carriers come with ergonomic straps and padding to shift the child's weight off your back and shoulders onto your hips. That way, your baby should be easier to carry around, even for long hours. Before you buy a baby carrier, always make sure that it is tested and certified for safety. Look for the EN 13209-2 safety certification, which is the Europe’s most stringent certification for baby care products. This way, you can be sure that the product will support your baby comfortably in a vertical position. 

A baby carrier is suitable for babies that are zero to 24 months. High-quality baby carriers allow you to carry your child in four different positions: front carry face in or face out, back carry, and horizontal hold. Some baby carriers come with a small pouch for carrying essential items for easy access. Consider buying a baby carrier that has wide lumbar and shoulder straps.