How to Use Electric Breast Pump Like a Pro

The Complete Guide to Using an Electric Breast Pump Like a Pro

19 Mar 2024
The Complete Guide to Using an Electric Breast Pump Like a Pro

The acceptance of using electric breast pumps has increased in India in the past few years because it helps mothers ensure an uninterrupted breast milk supply for their munchkins even if they are not around or if the baby has latching problems.

However, the journey is still long, and it becomes very crucial to spread awareness on how to use electric breast pumps without any concerns or discomfort.

Also, using a pump allows family members to be involved in the feeding process and create a bond with the child while feeding. At the same time, the mother can concentrate on other essential tasks without the guilt of not providing breast milk to the infant.

Actual Purpose of a Breast Pump

The purpose of a pump is to easily express breast milk and store it properly so that the baby gets the feed on demand and is not deprived of the milk’s goodness in the early development and growth days.

There have been many situations where using a pump is an excellent option, like when you need to get back to work due to commitments or the baby cannot apply the required pressure, leading to less flow, which is typical in premature babies. Therefore, in such cases, experts suggest using a breast pump to express milk in bottles, making feeding easy and relaxing.

However, some women still have the notion that electric breast pumps would be a difficult task to manage since there are so many features integrated into a tiny product and also that there might be side effects in the long term.

So, to help all those new mommies out there, we have a comprehensive electric breast pump guide that will help you gather all the necessary information and answer all those concerns to let you make a wise choice.

After all, the evolution of baby products and the application of technology aims to make the parent’s life easier and let the babies enjoy the best care and love. So, if you are planning to buy an electric pump but are not sure if you can use it like a pro, you are reading the correct information.

Preparing to Pump

The first step in the guide is to prepare and find a private space where you can express the milk peacefully. So, gather supplies like the pump, its battery, the bottles to be attached and cleaning items once pumping is over. You may also want to pick up a book or put on the headphones, as an electric pump is designed to give you a hands-free experience.

Remember, the calmer and more comfortable you are, the better the pumping experience. So, do not stress; choose any leisurely activity you want while the pump performs.

Make sure the pump’s battery is charged, and then sit in your favorite corner of the house after washing your hands thoroughly before touching the different parts of the pump.

Are you done with these steps? You are all set to use the product, so let us move on to the usage part.

Operating the Electric Breast Pump

Operating the Electric Breast Pump

Let us make it simple: read all the electric breast pump instructions mentioned in the user manual if you are using the pump for the first time, and with time, you will become an expert. Also, here are a few pointers that will help you operate the pump efficiently.

1. Pump Assembling

The pump has different parts you need to assemble correctly for best use. Follow the assembly guidelines provided by the brand and see that you fix everything correctly. Before using the pump, clean the breast area with a clean cloth so there are not any germs or dirt.

2. Speed and Suction Adjustments

Every brand has a different design, so you should check the settings correctly before using. You should know how to adjust the suction and massage speed according to your comfort. Remember, the product has been designed to elevate your comfort and convenience, so choose the settings that fit you.

It is recommended to start with slower speeds where the massaging effect is more to sensitize the breast for expressing milk. Gradually, as you get comfortable, increase the speed and start with the recreational activity you chose or close your eyes and relax for some time.

3. Proper Positioning

When you start using the pump initially, you may need to make some adjustments in the placement, but do not worry; with time, you will know how to use it efficiently. Place the centre of the flanges over the breast properly and secure the seal so the pump can exert accurate pressure for maximum milk quantity in a limited time.

4. Pumping Session

Once you see the milk being expressed in the bottle, you can either set a timer or take a note and continue the process for 15-20 minutes. If you have followed pumping breast milk tips properly, there will be no hassles.

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How to Precisely Store Breast Milk?

Once the desired quantity of milk gets stored in the pump bottle, you can either put it right away in the refrigerator for storage or transfer the milk into any air-tight container.

The best approach for storing pumped breast milk is to label the container with the date, time, and amount so that whoever takes out the milk to feed the baby in your absence will know if it is suitable. Some mommies also freeze the milk to extend its life, but we suggest that refrigeration is best since the family member will not have to wait.

Some reputed baby brands offering these modern electric pumps offer separate bottles compatible with the pump, so you do not need to buy different storage containers. Just invest in the best-quality feeding bottles and use them conveniently.

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance of a Breast Pump

So, now that you are done with the pumping, it is time to clean the product. We emphasize cleaning and maintenance because proper hygiene will help you keep the little one away from health issues or problems caused by germs and bacteria. Here are some tips that you can follow:

1. Disassemble

Every time you use the pump, you should disassemble its parts and wash each with a mild soap. Please do not use harsh soaps, as they contain chemicals and may cause ill effects in the long run. Use warm water to wash every part, and use a brush or separate scrub for the product.

2. Sterilize

Like you sterilize the feeding bottles daily, following the same procedure with the pump parts is crucial. Ensure you do this at least once daily and remove the battery before popping the other parts in a sterilizer and warmer.

3. Maintenance

You may use the electric breast pump once or twice a day, but over time, some parts may get damaged, and it is your responsibility to replace these immediately for efficient functioning. You may contact the brand’s customer support for buying assistance or look for parts online.

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Using an Electric Pump While Travel

While using an electric pump, you ought to keep an eye on the battery charge and plug it in so that it does not run out of power during usage. Also, if you are travelling for a few days, make sure that you carry all the pieces and accessories with charged batteries.

However, if you are travelling longer and do not have refrigerator access, you should use the expressed milk immediately or within a few hours of pumping, or else it will not be suitable for feeding.

The hygiene maintenance and good practices are in your hands, so be a responsible parent and do what is best for your baby’s health.

Key Takeaways

The user guide for electric breast pumps is simple, but adjusting to the new product and expressing milk can be challenging for new moms. But you must accomplish this task and become a pro soon so your little one gets the best nourishment during infancy.

Do not worry; practice will make you perfect with time, so chill, make the best use of this new-age product, and enjoy your early childhood days to create lifetime memories.

If you are searching for a top-notch, feature-loaded, functional electric breast pump and feeding accessories, explore R for Rabbit. The brand has the best-in-class feeding products at unbelievable prices you will love to use.

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