Significant Features to Look When You Buy New High Chairs for Your Baby

16 Feb 2024
Key Features For Buying Baby High Chairs

Your munchkin just turned six months old, and you are all excited to start feeding him solid foods? But do you know that this isn’t an easy task, and you may end up creating a lot of mess, which can be disappointing if you aren’t aware of the right approach?

There are several aspects involved when you decide to start feeding your child; your child should be able to sit independently for proper feeding, and you need to have a lot of patience in the beginning to allow your little one to accommodate the change in his routine.

In the initial few months, you may follow feeding breast milk or formula on demand, but as the child grows, you need to set up a feeding routine, which means proper meal scheduling, which is undoubtedly a challenge since it is a new experience for the child.

To make this ordeal easier, you can take a few steps, of which buying a high chair is the top consideration.

Are You Aware of How to Select a Baby High Chair?

A high chair is a baby gear that has long legs and comes with a meal tray hence, it is specifically designed for making mealtimes mess-free and fun. But are you aware of how to choose a baby high chair? No? Do not worry; we are here to help you make the right decision and have a fantastic feeding experience for months to come.

So, the ultimate motive for buying a baby high chair is to ensure the safety and comfort of your baby with the help of modern and functional features. As you start searching for a high chair online, you will find several options, and this can be really confusing if you are not sure of the features a good-quality high chair must have.

So, before you start hunting for an ideal product, read this baby high chair buying guide highlighting all crucial points and make an informed choice you will not regret.

10 Must Factors to Consider When Buying a Baby High Chair

Every parent wants the best products for their kids; however, only a few of them end up making the right choices just because most parents do not find it apt to first research and compare products before making a purchase, which indeed is a dangerous move since very brand markets its product as the best.

Therefore, knowing the features a baby product must have, and high chairs are no exception, is a requisite. Below are the top baby high chair design considerations you should be aware of and evaluate products based on these considerations to get a fair idea of the best choices available.

1. Safety Harness

Expect the high chair to be high enough, so keeping the child secured in the chair is the most critical point. Young children often are energetic and do not like staying in one place for long which increases the chances of them trying to jump out of the seat while feeding. This is where a safety harness comes into play.

Reputed brands focusing on child safety offer harnesses to restrain the child from moving without making him uncomfortable. A five-point harness is an excellent feature for good-quality high chairs, allowing parents to adjust the belt according to their child’s comfort.

2. Stability

Every child is different and tends to grow quickly in the initial few years. Hence, you should only invest in a high chair with a top-quality metal frame that makes the chair stable and sturdy for extended usage.

Also, ensure that you pick a product as per your baby’s age and weight, which is possible only when you check the product description details carefully. A high chair with a sturdy and broad base ensures it does not tip over if the child moves while feeding.

3. Adjustability

A high chair offered by a reliable brand comes with unique features like height and recline adjustment. Initially, it may not seem an essential buying aspect to you, but believe us, it does impact your child’s comfort level in the long run.

A chair with different recline positions and height adjustments evolves as your baby grows, so you can make changes per the feeding needs.

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4. Ease of cleaning

You would be using the high chair for feeding and, hence, expect it to get dirty often, which also means that ease of cleaning and maintenance is also one of the essential factors to consider when buying a baby high chair. You should prefer a product that has smooth, easy-to-wipe surfaces with washable cushions and meal trays.

So, whenever you feel the chair is dirty, you can leverage a mild soap to clean the parts and install it back for the next mealtime. You can even find products with dishwasher-safe inserts, making cleaning easier and quicker.

5.  Comfort

The high chair should be comfortable for your baby to sit in since he will use it several times a day. Therefore, choose a chair with proper seat and backrest cushioning. Also, ensure there are not any sharp edges to avoid unwanted injuries during feeding.

Significant Features to Look When You Buy New High Chairs for Your Baby

6. Portability

Parents who travel often should opt for foldable high chairs that can be popped into the car’s rear when traveling for a few days, as they don’t want to disturb the child’s comfortable feeding schedule. Also, one option is to buy convertible high chairs that can be used as booster chairs during travel.

7. Footrest

A high chair with an appropriately designed footrest is a must since when the baby sits in the chair, he needs support under his feet for the correct sitting position and comfort.

8. Durability

We recommend parents select durable and high-quality high chairs since the usage is high throughout the day. Some parents want to teach their children the proper eating habits at an early age, so they prefer making their children sit in high chairs even during snack time when the little one is self-feeding.

Indeed, this is done under adult supervision, but it is an excellent approach to instilling good habits and letting the child learn independent feeding. So, durability does matter, and if you invest in the right product, you may use the same chair for multiple children without any issues, which definitely would save a lot of money.

9. Space-saving design

When buying high chairs, parents wonder where to keep them when not in use since they take some space. Purchasing a compact and foldable high chair is a good decision for parents with space concerns since it can be stored in minimum space.

Also, some innovative high chairs can be transformed into tables and chairs once the child is a pro at independent feeding. The table and chair can be used as a meal table or study table for the next few years, ensuring that the parent makes the maximum use of one product in different ways.

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10. Safety standards

You may wonder if a high chair needs to be certified since it is a daily-use baby gear. Yes, it does make a difference when you buy a high chair that has been designed as per international baby gear standards as it states the chair is safe for your child and equipped with all necessary safety and utility features.

All these functionalities make high chairs a better choice from the uncertified options available in the market. There are safety guidelines from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JMPA) and ASTM International that the most reputed brands follow to design their products.

Key Takeaways

Selecting a high chair for your child is wise since it will make feeding fun and let him enjoy eating with the least mess around. Now that we have decoded all the aspects of the buying guide for baby high chairs go ahead and make the right choices.

It would be best to look for products from trusted brands that combine utility, comfort, and safety for your child. Do not select a high chair because you find it cheaper than other options, as you may regret your decision later. Be practical and thoroughly compare before clicking the buy button on the screen.

If you wish to buy a durable and modern high chair with the best features and safety, check out the R for Rabbit collection, which consists of various models to meet diversified needs and lifestyles.

All the products on the R for Rabbit website are certified and safe for your little ones. You can match the options and buy the best product at unbelievable prices. So, be relieved of quality and safety when purchasing the R for Rabbit high chair.

Faq's On Significant Features to Look When You Buy New High Chairs for Your Baby


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