Fennel and Almond: A Natural Duo for New Moms' Mental Well-being

11 Jun 2024
Fennel and Almond: A Natural Duo for New Moms' Mental Well-being

When a woman brings a new life into the world, family members get overwhelmed and shower all their love, care, and blessings on the new member in their lives. In this pursuit, they somehow forget the importance of caring for and supporting the new mommy, which leads to an imbalance in postpartum wellness.

Now, when we talk about the well-being and care of the mother, most people focus on the diet and resting routine, which is not the right approach as this leads to ignoring mental health, which is why a large ratio of women slip-up into a state of postpartum depression.

It is challenging to manage depression after delivery since the awareness levels are so low that, in most cases, even the mommies themselves are not aware of their mental state. This additionally degrades the condition, and in a nation such as India, where depression scenarios are still not communicated across, it leads to weakened postpartum mental health.

Open Discussions About Mental Health by New Moms

There were times when people did not want to acknowledge that they suffered from depression, but now things have changed, and it is believed that coming forward to discuss the issues is only helpful to attain the best solutions.

As the reported cases have increased in the past few years as new mommies have come forward to discuss their mental state, discussions about this topic have become popular.

Now people know that apart from rest and good eating habits, meditation does play a crucial role in recovery. In fact, mothers who practice yoga and meditation regularly are believed to elevate their physical and mental wellness.

Managing a Healthy Routine

Another common way of managing a healthy routine is to consume fennel and almonds daily, as these have immense benefits for both mother and infant. Dr. Robin Sharma has emphasized the significance of prioritizing mental well-being.

He has shared some valuable tips and techniques that new mommies can quickly adopt in their daily routine for the best postpartum recovery and to ensure better care and love for the little angel.

In this article, we will discuss the assistance of meditation and consuming fennel and almonds so that mothers with limited knowledge can appreciate self-care for new moms' mental health.

The Benefits of Regular Meditation

Physical and mental self-care for new moms should be the primary goal and to achieve this, it becomes crucial to have a positive approach.

Meditation is a great way to attain mental calmness, as the breathing exercises and balancing techniques help the body heal quickly. Indeed, the benefits are immense, but some mommies find it difficult to incorporate this technique into their daily routine as they are multi-tasking and want to rest in their spare time. 

But the truth is that a few minutes of meditation can have immense benefits, and hence, here are a few tips that can help:

1. Initial Phase

Start with a few minutes and gradually increase the time as you get used to the routine. Remember, if you aim at one hour of meditation on the very first day, chances are you will find it difficult and may soon lose interest. So, the best approach is to begin with a time range that will keep you on track.

2. Regular Practice

Select a tranquil and comfy space in your house so that you can concentrate better. Meditation isn’t a one-day job; you ought to practice, so do not get agitated if you aren’t able to accomplish the target. Eventually, with practice and patience, you will notice an optimistic impact that will help you have a better quality of life.

3. Part of Daily Routine

Breathing and focus are the two most critical aspects of meditation. They render calmness that will help you a lot in your daily routine. Experts state that deep and rhythmic breathing with closed eyes should be the ultimate goal.

4. Correct Diagnosis and Medication

If you have extremely high levels of anxiety after childbirth, we would recommend you confer with a mental health expert who can assist you with the correct diagnosis and medication.

Remember, getting help is not bad. In fact, you should not hesitate at all to discuss your issues and take your medicines on time as prescribed. This will help you a lot and let you perform your daily tasks better without any stress.

The Power of Fennel and Almonds

When we talk about mental health tips for new moms, it is critical to apprehend that the mother’s body has undergone immense change because of the imbalance in the hormone levels during pregnancy and childbirth.

Hence, it becomes paramount to pick food items and supplements that would aid as natural restoratives for postpartum recovery. Fennel and almonds are two items that every mother should use in their routine and see miracles happen. Here are some advantages of them that rev the healing process.

1. Fennel

They have been an integral element of the Indian diet for ages, and it offers significant benefits for new mums. It not only aids in digestion by relieving bloating and gas but also has a relaxing influence that promotes mental health.

Fennel can be integrated into the diet in various ways of which one is to use the powder while making distinct recipes. Another way is to soak the seeds in water through the night and then drink the strained water at the beginning of the day.

2. Almonds

They are deemed superfoods, and daily consumption is also advised for healthy people. The nut is rich in magnesium, antioxidants, protein, and vitamin E. Magnesium successfully reduces stress levels. You can blend the almonds in smoothies or consume them as snacks. During summer, overnight-soaked almonds are a nutritious option for daily routines.

Pregnancy and childbirth are stressful, which signifies a new mum's body can recover with the help of a nourishing diet. Therefore, the body demands more protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. A healthful diet helps gain body balance and is efficacious for moms who desire to shed those excess kilos that they accumulated during pregnancy.




Nutritional Diet While Breastfeeding

A nutritional diet becomes more critical if you are breastfeeding, as what you consume will be transferred to the baby via milk. As fennel works well to aid digestion, the food you consume is converted to energy and improved breast milk quality.

The milk composition varies according to the child’s age since, in the early days, the infants need more protein to support body growth and development, and later on, the levels of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants are required.

So, make sure you consume healthy food at regular intervals and do not skip any meal. You should also be aware of foods that promote milk production and ones that can cause allergic reactions in newborns. Be vigilant when planning your diet plan and consult an expert dietician in case you have any health problems before pregnancy.

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Additional Tips for Maintaining Mental Health

Life becomes agitated after delivery as there are so many commitments, and self-care takes a backseat. But you ought to apprehend that if you do not focus on your mental and physical healing, it will have unfavourable effects on your health, such that you will be unfit to take good care of your tiny tot.

Hence, prioritize your health and ask for support whenever you feel low or have some concerns. Talk to your family members and seek guidance from experts for the best assistance.

A few minutes spent on yourself can transform you into a healthy and happy mommy. Be patient and kind to yourself, and make sure you do not compare yourself to others since everyone has a different lifestyle.

There are online support groups where new moms share their experiences and concerns. These mommies come from various parts of the world and hence, everyone brings in a different perspective and best solutions. If you are not comfortable sharing your viewpoint with family and friends, join these groups, and you can ask anything you want.

Moms with similar mental and physical states come on one platform and get the best inputs that can be simply included into daily life. This is also valuable since you get instant and practical solutions that work well with the least effort.

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Key Takeaways

So, mental health is of equal importance as physical well-being, but in India, most mothers neglect this aspect and only focus on getting back in shape quickly.

It is essential to apprehend that mental well-being, if not taken care of after childbirth, can lead to severe conditions like postpartum depression, and the truth is that neglected mothers find it very difficult to handle situations in their daily lives.  

Thus, the best approach is to work towards holistic wellness and connect with family members, friends, and support groups whenever an issue arises.

Hope these health tips by the R for Rabbit team would have helped you to understand the significance of fennel and almond’s positive effects on mental well-being.

However, if as new mothers your concerns are serious and you are not able to find apt solutions, consulting healthcare specialists is the right way to find a pathway that would help you achieve a healthy lifestyle with the least effort. If you take care of yourself, you will be able to perform all duties well and nurture a happy soul.

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