Is my baby getting enough breast milk?

24 Oct 2018
Is my baby getting enough breast milk?-R for Rabbit


Yes, it is the most common question “Is my baby getting enough breast milk?” if babies could have told the moms after breastfeeding time “Hey mom I am done” then there would be nothing great than it.

New mother’s cant guess exactly is her baby satisfied after breastfeeding time.

You can observe on below mentioned behavior of your baby.

  1. Baby is swallowing - When the first-time baby start feeding, he/she will be sucking rapidly which helps in releasing the milk. Then the baby will progress in a deep, slow pull motion while he swallows. You can also feel this action and can see the baby’s jaw dropping down. When a baby is not getting enough milk then he/she will suck rapidly but will not be swallowing slowly and in rhythm. 
  1. Baby is satisfied - After breastfeeding if your baby looks content then everything is fine. But if your baby seems tired or if baby is constantly screaming for food then baby is not getting enough of milk  

  1. Baby fills diaper – Your baby’s diaper is a big hint if the baby is properly fed or not. He/she should have at least 6 wet diapers by day 6 and 4 stools by day 4. Stool color also plays a major role in guessing. While the first bowel movements are generally black and sticky which would change to green by day3 or 4 and then to yellow by day 5. 

  1. Baby gaining weight - After birth baby weight fluctuates a bit in early days or week. A dip of 5% - 7% of weight might be there on third or fourth day which is absolutely fine. But if your baby looses weight 10% or more then there could be a problem in breast feeding. By day 10 your baby should reach to his/her birth weight.

If you notice such symptoms then you can call your doctor or lactation consultant right away.

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