Why Breastfeeding is Important for your Newborn?

28 Aug 2017
Why Breastfeeding is Important for your Newborn?

Since the ancient time breast feeding is very popular. It has believed that mother’s milk is the purest and healthiest meal for the new born baby. There are many new mothers who directly go for the bottle feeding instead of trying to breastfeed their newborn. Let me tell you, there is always an option of formula milk, but even Doctor’s also suggest to breastfeed your newborn for proper growth and improvement. If you will not try on first place, then baby will not leave the bottle afterwards.

There have been many studies which show breastfeeding helps to increase the brain power in babies. Breastfeeding also helps to protect and nurture the baby. The studies also prove that breastfed baby’s immune system is good compare to bottle feed baby. It is also believed that breastfeeding reduces the risk of obesity because breastfed babies are less likely to overeat. Overall growth of the baby is good if the baby is breastfed. Breast milk provides all the nutrients which required for your baby’s growth.

The newborns have a tiny stomach so you might have to feed them every two-three hour, but as they will grow up the feeding gap will increase. The breast-feeding time is extremely important because it will help to create a bond between mother and baby. You will also observe that mother’s milk will help with the sleep of the baby and baby gets less cranky. The milk induced the sleep, hence you will also see that newborns fall asleep after the breastfed which is not likely with bottle-fed babies. 

Breastfeeding doesn’t benefit only to babies, but it also helps with mother’s health. The studies show that mothers who do breastfeed for at least six months, the risk of various cancer are reduce specially breast and Ovarian cancer. It has believed that mother who does breast-feed their babies loose additional pregnancy weight and it helps contract their uterus to its pre-baby size.

Breastfeeding sounds good, but initially you may experience a few challenges. It will be the best experience a new mother will have. It’s better to try instead of regretting on the later stage. There are many hospitals who provide breastfeeding classes as well. Remember we never learnt everything since birth, time will teach you all.