Parenting Tips: Don't Spoil Your Child through Love

05 Feb 2018
Parenting Tips: Don't Spoil Your Child through Love-R for Rabbit

Can you really spoil your child through love? This is such a huge question for parents. All parents have a different opinion on that. It always depends on parents that what kind of habits you want your child to follow. Love is a requirement for the child's development. They don't understand the relationship, but they understand how safe and loved they fell with the person. They always love the person who spends time with them and they learn and follow their habits. For parents, it’s important to take out time from their busy schedule and play with them and create some memories.

We all learned after we born, no one learned everything from the mother's womb. That's why parents are there, it's their job to provide love and safety. All kids are different and parents have to support their child in all challenges and encourage them for learning new things. Don't ignore them, sometimes they are not able to explain hence try to communicate and understand their difficulties and support them when they feel down in their life.

Why is setting rules necessary?

Loving your child is good, but set appropriate limits to teach them what is acceptable and what not. It helps to teach them discipline and regulation. These limits will also help to make them feel safety and security. Many parents don’t agree with setting rules, but they regret on later stage because those kids don’t comply easily. It leads to parent’s frustration and they have to beg them to convince. For some parents, it’s easy to set rules, but they fail to enforce them on their child. Once you make rules make sure your child adheres to them. It doesn’t mean you have to be strict all the time, but be kind in your response. Generally, kids learn from what they see around them. Hence first, you start following the rules so they come to know how serious you are about those rules. Besides all these things everything depends on the child because each child is different. Some rules work for one child doesn’t work with another. So, find out what works best for your child.

There should be no limit to love your child, but you also have to take care that your child doesn't become stubborn. It is advisable to develop a solid, but polite way to make and enforce household rules on your child. Don't create feelings of fear otherwise, they will be afraid to share anything with you.