Safety Baby Shower and a Safety Checklist!!

07 Jul 2017
Safety Baby Shower and a Safety Checklist!!

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Traditionally, baby showers are all about fun games and baby gifts. It offers new parents to prepare them for an arrival of the new baby. The baby shower is the best way friends and family come together and help new parents prepare to welcome the new member of the family.

For the safety baby shower, you can select the theme based on a variety of safety issues. It can include child proofing of the house, required nutrition or healthy habits. In community level baby showers, all parents can visit the venue and also learn some home safety information with live demonstration, games and other activities.


Even though we have standard practices and rules parents may disagree with some of them. For example, new parents don’t agree to keep the child in a separate room. The Doctor’s also advise that baby should never sleep in the same bed with parents. Therefore, we suggest following guidelines to examine carefully. You can always consult with the pediatrician if you have any doubt.

  1. Use firm and flat mattress for your baby instead of the soft bedding to prevent suffocation.
  2. The crib you use for the baby should be sturdy and no missing hardware.
  3. Never place a crib near window blinds or curtain cords.
  4. Keep the cleaning products and medicines away from children to prevent poisoning.
  5. Check the bath water temperature before putting the baby into the bath.
  6. Never leave your child alone near any water body, not even the bathtub.
  7. Use all the safety straps in a high chair, stroller and baby swings, it will help avoiding falling, climbing out and sliding.
  8. Keep your child away from the stove, burner nob and hot pots to prevent burns.
  9. Store all the hazardous products in a safe place like a knife, plastic bags, matches and other sharp tools.
  10. Install smoke detectors if you don’t have and keep it activated.
  11. Secure the stairs with safety gates to prevent the fall injuries.
  12. Don’t leave the electrical outlets open, use the safety plugs to cover those outlets.
  13. Keep small objects away from the children to avoid choking hazards.
  14. Whenever you choose product for your child focus on quality instead of appearance of the product.