What to do if your child gets COVID Positive?

27 Apr 2021
What to do if your child gets COVID Positive?-R for Rabbit

Not only adults but babies and children are also getting COVID Positive nowadays. In very rare cases only children will get severely affected and may get serious illnesses like fluid collection in lungs or organ failure. But the major rise is that they can accidentally spread the virus and not get sick from it.

Some of the easiest ways to make sure they don’t spread the virus are :washing hands frequently , cleaning home regularly, keeping distance from sick people, wearing masks when close to some outsiders and limiting playdates. These are some of the measures you can take to keep your child safe from getting or transmitting the virus.

Are COVID-19 Symptoms Different in Children and Adults?

When children get COVID Positive their symptoms are mild as compared to adults.

  • Fever
  • Runny nose
  • Cough
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea 

What to Do if Your Child get COVID-19?

If your child gets some symptoms that you think might be due to COVID-19, immediately consult a doctor. The doctor will let you know if its ok to consult over voice or video call  or to meet the child in person. Don’t just reach the doctors clinic but consult on call first.

To make sure that other family members don’t get COVID follow the steps below:

Dedicated A Single Person as a Care taker

If the child is diagnosed with COVID then isolate the child and allot duty of taking care of only single person throughout the isolation period of the child. And that single care taker person, either mother / father or grand parent should always wear mask, gloves and take other necessary measures when they are with child or entering the room of child. 

Separate / isolatethe child: Child should stay away from other family members in a specific room which has a dedicated bathroom in it. They shouldn’t snuggle or kiss family pets either. They should wear a face mask if a caretaker is around him/her. If mask makes it harder for them to breathe, or they are not able to wear it, you can instead wear one when you are close to them.

Don’t share personal items with them

Everything should be separate for a Corona Patient whether it's an adult or a child.This includes things like drinking glasses, towels, bedding, plates and many more.

Clean and disinfect constantly

If the child is old enough then direct him / her to clean more touch areas like phones, toilets, door knobs and many more such surfaces. Otherwise, you do it for your child.

Track their symptoms

Keep checking on the symptoms of your child, keep talking to them about how they are feeling, or if they are facing any problem in chest or breathing.  If they are facing any kind of breathing issue then immediately consult the doctor.

Keep them isolated even if they seem better

Keep them isolated till they have a full 3 days of no fever, the symptoms have improved and its been minimum 7 days since they got sick.

Note: If your child is having severe fever or any other symptoms, first and foremost consult the family doctor for it.


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