Why Parents should Select ECE R44/04 Certified Infant / Baby Car Seat?

31 Jul 2019
Why Parents should Select ECE R44/04 Certified Infant / Baby Car Seat?-R for Rabbit

ECE R44/04 certified infant car seats comply with basic safety requirements outlined in the European safety standards meant to guarantee safety performance of the seats. The topmost reason is the guaranteed safety of the baby. In such unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances such as road mishaps, descending a hill, and navigating sharp bends, makes it to some extent difficult to guarantee the safety of your baby.

Infant car seats will help protect your little one by holding them close to the seat. Apart from the baby's protection, it is also important to provide for his or her comfort. At times, some parents do make the mistake of buying over sized car seats for their baby. Infant car seats which are not certified may come in irregular sizes and are manufactured with inferior materials in a bid to reduce cost and this may result in rashes on the skin of your baby.

There are reasons why you should go for Infant car seats certified by ECE R44/04. It is advisable to always inspect the quality of material and also the cushion before buying a car seat for your infant.

Here are a few reasons why you should go for Infant car seats certified by ECE R44/04

Quality testing:

Infant car seats that are ECE R44/04 certified undergo stringent tests to guarantee protection and safety. Once they are found worthy of safety standards, then they can be sold to the market. Choose certified, high quality car seat for your baby if you frequently travel long distances with your baby.

Fit and Design:

ECE certified infant seats are ideal for your baby's comfort. They are ideal for you to try them on your baby. Car seats come in different designs and styles. They are designed to ensure that your child properly fits in the seat that you choose. They are neither too tight nor too loose. Your baby's comfort is guaranteed. The strap covers are always intact and are sturdy designs rather than the inferior ones which are badly stitched. In the event of an accident, the straps will secure your baby firmly.


If you have a driver’s license and you drive on the highways in the city, then you will not be unfamiliar with jerks. Often times they are unavoidable and occur suddenly. Different babies respond differently to jerks. In order to safeguard them from unfavourable responses, it is best to place them in certified infant car seat with solid cushion. ECE R44/04 compliant infant car seats are made of cushioning materials that absorb shocks from jerks without causing injuries.

Picaboo is an Infant Car seat for your baby that is ECE R44/04 certified for safety. It is softly padded to provide the most comfortable ride for your baby. When used in different position, it can serve as a rocker, carry cot and feeding chair. It is also equipped with an inbuilt canopy to provide the best protection under sunlight for your baby.