7 Tips to take care of your baby during summer

26 Feb 2021
7 Tips to take care of your baby during summer-R for Rabbit

Summer is knocking at the door and its time to be prepared to take good care of your little one during summer time. High temperature can be harsh for baby’s health and skin too and parents are too much worried about it.

Here are the 7 Tips to take good care of your baby during summers

  1. Choose the right clothing

Do not layer your baby in multiple clothes as it will make baby hot. Cotton clothes will be best friend for your baby, simply use a cotton short and cotton dress to make baby comfortable and cool. The clothes should be little loose for better air flow.

  1. Choose the right massage oil

Giving baby a massage before fun filled bath time is a good idea, but to make it more better use coconut oil as it gives a cooling effect on body and its lighter in texture & gets absorbed by skin easily. Almond or sesame oil can also be considered. Avoid using mustard oil as it gives a warming effect.

  1. Use hygienic water

Always use boiled water for your baby as it is hygienic and prevent baby from diseases.

  1. Opt for right food for babies

For toddlers or babies above 6 months of age should be given smoothies, fruit yogurt, tender coconut water, berries, cucumber, mango. You can also include lots of vegetables in the form of a delicious salad for baby. Keep your baby away from fried foods. Homemade juice will also help your child to keep cool

  1. Dodge The Diaper Rashes

Diaper rash is a big problem during summers, its better to nappy during day or if not travelling. Use diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly to prevent diaper rashes on baby’s body. Give a lot of air time to let baby skin breathe and get recovered from the rashes.

  1. Splashy Water Time

Playing with water is lots of fun for toddlers and kids and what can be best then keeping them entertained either in small pool or bathtub. Let them enjoy the bath time by splashing and spilling water clubbed with bath toys in the bathtub. But remember don’t leave your kid unattended during bath time in pool or bath tub.  

  1. Use AC but with some condition

Keep baby in air condition can be tricky, its better to keep the baby in well ventilated and cool room rather than air-conditioned room. However, in some homes its difficult to get ventilation but to use AC in room. Keep in mind if you are going to AC

  1. Keep comfortable temperature of around 24-26 degree. It should not be low as baby can catch cold.
  2. Switch off the AC before taking baby out of the room so that baby’s body gets time to adjust as per the normal temperature.

Make baby sleep in fully covered clothes made of cotton or body suite.

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