Why should Mothers go with EN certified Strollers?

20 May 2021
Why should Mothers go with EN certified Strollers?-R for Rabbit

Baby Strollers are, without doubt, very useful items when mothers need to move around with their babies or toddlers. Nowadays, mothers are using strollers whenever they go shopping or for a walk. Numerous brands are now selling strollers and they offer a number of different models as well. These strollers can have differing quality standards and offer different capabilities as well. However, no matter what stroller that you select for your baby, you will need to pay attention to the safety aspect of the stroller.

Safety is an important aspect of any stroller. After all, babies are fragile creatures. It should not matter how good looking a stroller is unless it has been guaranteed to provide safety to the baby. There are various methods to check whether the stroller that you have chosen is a safe one. However, the easiest method will be through the help of the safety certification. A stroller that does not have any safety certification is bound to be an unsafe one for your child. There are various certifications that manufacturers base their strollers on. However, one of the best certifications that you can get for your baby’s stroller is that the EN certification, or more specifically the EN 1888 certification.

The EN 1888 certification is a European method of certification which was devised to standardize the safety features of strollers and other similar products. Pushchairs and prams fall into this category. This has been done to ensure that babies and toddlers can be moved around at minimum risk to them.

This is a clear standard set down by the European Union. Before a stroller or pram can be declared to be compliant with these rules, it must undergo a series of rigorous tests. The tests ensure that there is nothing in the item that can directly or indirectly injure the baby.

The various angles of the pram will be checked so that they do not cause any discomfort to the child. At the same time, finger entrapment has been addressed by this piece of legislation. The delicate fingers of your child can get trapped if there are holes in the stroller. The pram or stroller should in no way harm the child because of these features.

 A stroller does have a couple of locking mechanisms in place to ensure that the child does not move abruptly. The rules set for locking mechanisms have been revised to ensure they can be operated with ease. At the same time, they have been made safer.

Often children bite on the bumper bars. These bars are covered with a layer of foam so that the babies do not get hurt due to sudden jolts. The new rules in this certification ensure that the bars are tested with a new method. These new bumper bars will not tear and expose the foam material underneath even when the children keep biting them.

While purchasing strollers and prams for your baby, you should check whether they have been EN certified. The presence of the certificate will ensure that your babies are not harmed in anyway during the journey in the pushchairs.